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DRDNews - Sekretaris Dewan Riset Daerah (DRD) DKI Jakarta, Dr. Aisa Tobing Dokmauly, berikan sambutas pada acara The CityNet Climate Leadership III Workshop 2019 yang diselenggarakan pada 17-19 November 2019 di Denpasar Bali. Dr. Aisa berikan sambutan dalam kapasitasnya sebagai Sekjen CityNet untuk Asia.

Berikut adalah transkrip rekaman pidato sambutan Dr. Aisa Tobing Dokmauly.

The honorable
Vice Mayor
CityNet member
The Officials from Denpasar Government
Our potential partners are from various international organizations,
And Non Profit Organization, ..
All the participants from the Cities

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very happy to be in this workshop around the city stakeholders. Because for this 3 days we will learn, understanding, sharing and collaborate to anticipate climate change.
We as partners are here, together concern to the challenges of the city, such population and poverty, disaster, flooding, pollution, lack of infrastructure, lack of water, lack of housing etc, including emission or Carbon.
We who gathered at this workshop had the same vision and on how to anticipate climate change.
Facing the Global challenges, Countries and Cities has been committed to implement Global Agenda such as the SDGs, Paris Agreement. New Urban Agenda, and Sendai Framework which oriented towards solutions to challenges and the impact of Global with Local Action. Cities haven't to do more. This Global Agenda must be translated into innovative strategies in every stages of urban management in sustainable ways.
In supporting this, City to City cooperation have much opportunities to share their knowledge and experiences in developing and implementing appropriate policies as well as that innovative steps for achieving sustainable development.
Thank you to Denpasar, Bidang Kerjasama, and Jakarta Research Council, DRD who planned this workshop until it is implemented today. We all know that Denpasar has a member of CityNet since Excom in Lalitpur and will be active member to implement various training related urban challenges
Hopefully this training and the future will be better and more effective according to the development of knowledge, training methodology and challenges faced.
We are now live in a highly turbulent economy and in a disruptive world. Our enemy is Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity world, in short VUCA. The antidote/answer is VUCA also i.e. Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Awareness
In addition, this activity is intended to explore various potentials and initiatives of Climate actions in cities that can be disseminated to foster the development of innovative strategies in each city. So, we understand and are aware of the right instruments and the importance of climate actions in various aspects of urban management. In the end, we can involve and unite the mission of the stakeholders and climate change networks to realize the acceleration of climate mitigation actions and adaptation actions as well.
Finally, once again, I would like to thank all those involved and congratulate all the participants for following this very interesting and useful training on the issues we are facing lately.