Halaman Depan JRJ Vol 14. No 2. 2021

  • joko subandriyo Pusriskel
Keywords: The Land Management System in Kelurahan Kota Jakarta is currently carried out by the kelurahan staff or lurah in writing. The process of land management and recording of land transaction data still uses the bookkeeping system and has not been integrated with the database system. This can hamper the land management process when an error occurs in the recording. The process of making reports and storing data has not been well organized, resulting in the loss of land transaction data, and the absence of search media used to provide information about land management. Based on this description, a Land Management Administration System Design for Kelurahan in the City of Jakarta is designed. The system designed can be used to manage master data, manage land data, conduct land transactions, perform searches on land data, and generate information in the form of land transaction history reports. With the existence of this Land Management Administration System, it is possible to process land data recording from the master book that has transactions such as buying and selling, grants, inheritance, waqf, and mutations. This land management system can carry out well-organized land management, so that the reporting system becomes more structured. Keywords: Land Management System, Jakarta Urban Village, Administration System, Land Management in the Village, Land Transactions.



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subandriyo, joko. (2022). Halaman Depan JRJ Vol 14. No 2. 2021. Jurnal Riset Jakarta, 14(2). https://doi.org/10.37439/jurnaldrd.v14i2.58